Famous Nigerian artist, rapper, and composer Jamopyper kicks off 2024 with the beautiful production “Bend Low.”

The beautiful project has a few extras along with ten amazing tracks.

A selection of ten remarkable songs from this new body of work are sure to enthrall his devoted followers and music enthusiasts.


Jamopyper Bend Low Album Tracklist:

  1. Jamopyper – Vibes Holiday
  2. Jamopyper – Tojue Ft Toluspinn
  3. Jamopyper – Kilofe
  4. Jamopyper – The Marathon
  5. Jamopyper – Send Down the Rain
  6. Jamopyper – Puleena
  7. Jamopyper – Pride ft. Tife daniels
  8. Jamopyper – Mi Amor
  9. Jamopyper – Forever
  10. Jamopyper – Amenn