Olawale Ọlọ́fọọ̀rọ̀ Ashimi (born 9 May 1986) is a creative Nigerian novelist, producer, performer, and songwriter who goes by the stage name Brymo.

He is regarded for his lyricism and delivery among Nigerian artists. He began singing at the age of 14 and wrote his first song when he was 18. He also published his fake work, Oriri’s Plight.

Following his 2010 deal with Chocolate City Entertainment, Brymo rose to prominence in Nigeria. He also appeared on Ice Prince’s track Oleku. One of the best hooks ever used by a Nigerian vocalist on a rap song is his hook from Oleku.


At the 2012 Hip Hop World Awards, Brymo’s track Ara, which propelled him into the spotlight, won Recording of the Year.

Early Life & Education

On May 9, 1986, Brymo was the only child to be born in Okokomaiko, Lagos, Nigeria. His mother was an Egun small merchant, while his father was an Awori carpenter.

Brymo attended an Islamic institution where he acquired the ability to memorize the complete Holy Quran.

He attended Aganju Aka Primary School to start his schooling before transferring to Japual Primary School. He later changed schools and graduated in 2003 from Ajangbadi High School in Ajangbadi, Lagos.

Brymo attended Lagos State University to study Zoology but left to concentrate on his musical career.


When Brymo cut the song “Future” in secondary school in 1999, he launched his musical career.

He was motivated to pursue singing after hearing his mother sing songs by the Fuji singers. Together with some friends, he started the band The Aliens in 2002. The Aliens, on the other hand, split up in 2005 as a result of a number of problems. Following that, he worked on building a solo career without joining a record company.

After featuring in the well-known song Oleku from Ice Prince’s debut studio album, Everybody Loves Ice Prince, Brymo gained notoriety in 2010.

Personal Life

Waju Ọlọ́fọọ̀rọ̀, who was born on March 27, 2015, is the son of artist and author Brymo and Esse Kakadare.

Net Worth

In October 2014, Brymo was appointed an ambassador for the Lagos Chamber of Commerce with figures from the entertainment world including 2Baba, Vector, and Kunle Afolayan. A $3 million estimate has been placed on his net worth.


Since making his debut in 2005, Brymo has put out six studio albums and one compilation of Trance music. He released Brymstone, his debut studio album, in 2007. One of the album’s songs, Shawty, was fairly popular.

Studio Albums

  • Brymstone 2007
  • The Son Of A Kapenta 2012
  • Merchants, Dealers and Slaves 2013
  • Tabula Rasa 2014
  • Trance 2015
  • Klĭtôrĭs 2016
  • Oso 2018
  • Yellow
  • 9: Esan


  • Ara, 2012
  • See Me, 2012
  • Omoge Campus, 2012
  • Good morning, 2012
  • Truthfully, 2013
  • Down, 2013
  • Eko, 2013
  • Again, 2014
  • Fe Mi, 2014
  • Prick No Get Shoulder, 2014
  • Naked, 2014
  • Dear Child, 2014
  • Je’le O Simi, 2014
  • 1 Pound, 2014
  • Dear Child, 2014
  • Alajo Somolu, 2016
  • Viva, 2016
  • Them Dey Go, 2016
  • Happy Memories, 2016
  • Billion Naira Dream, 2016
  • No be me, 2018
  • Ba’nuso, 2018
  • Heya, 2018
  • Patience and Goodluck, 2018
  • Money Launderer and heartbreakers, 2018
  • Time is so kind, 2018