Budah Maz and ProSoul’s partnership produced the powerful and exciting new song Ustout. The two musicians have created a tune that is certain to leave a lasting effect on listeners by combining their distinctive talents and styles.

Ustout is a vivacious and upbeat song that highlights the best qualities of ProSoul and Budah maz. With smart and memorable lyrics and a catchy tune, you’ll definitely want to sing along. The beat is equally amazing, combining old and contemporary components to produce a sound that is both new and well-known.

We’ve seen several breakthroughs for new musicians that enter the industry using freestyle videos to preview what they have in store for us because of the abundance of skills emerging from the streets.


The well-enchanted tune is the most recent entry this year after previously published tracks.

I’m expecting the Afro-classic crooner will succeed thanks to the success of this album.

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