Comparing Ayra Starr to music queen Rihanna, renowned French DJ and producer David Guetta has proclaimed Ayra Starr as the next major global sensation.

According to the Frenchman, Ayra Starr’s music is unique and has the power to captivate listeners worldwide.

“When people speak about Ayra Starr in the [music] industry, a lot of us see her as the new Rihanna,” David Guetta remarked in a recent Skype interview with Cool FM Nigeria, Lagos.


“Due to her unique background, she exudes a distinct vibe when she arrives. She could, however, be able to adapt to other cultures.

Since we recorded, she is having even more hits. It’s crazy. I’m French. I was in Paris and everyone was talking about her. I was shocked like, ‘This is amazing. An African artiste that’s killing it in Europe, killing it in the U.S, it’s not everyday. Last time I saw it was working with Akon.’” he added.

David Guetta worked with American rapper Lil Durk and Ayra Starr on his most recent song, “Big Fu.”

Ayra Starr has captivated listeners all over the world with her distinct sound and indisputable ability, taking the music industry by storm.

The Nigerian singer-songwriter gained notoriety very rapidly, gaining a passionate following and being praised by critics for her undeveloped skill.

Ayra Starr received her first Grammy nomination recently.

The 21-year-old performer, who is best known for songs like “Rush,” expressed her ecstatic reaction on Twitter after winning the Best African Music Performance award.

Due to her nomination, Ayra Starr will go up against big names in the industry like Davido, Burna Boy, and Olamide.

Overwhelmed by her enthusiasm, Ayra took to social media to thank a higher force for her triumph.

She composed;

“Ayra Grammy nominated Starr !!! It’s only you Jesus , only you !”