Big Brother Naija’s Venita Akpofure is causing a stir online with her breathtaking beauty after being featured as the latest cover girl for Aura magazine.

Renowned for her candor and eloquence, Venita shared some personal details about her past relationships and the lessons she took away from them.

Venita talked about her feelings and struggles as a single mother raising her daughters without much or any assistance from their father during the chat. She admitted that she longed for a relationship’s physical closeness.


“I do miss the intimacy of having someone to talk to about everything. However, the children’s father hasn’t been very active and hasn’t significantly contributed to their lives.

So, whether he’s present or not, it wouldn’t affect what the children need,” she said.

Venita emphasized how important it is for her kids to have a father figure or other masculine role model in their lives, particularly as her oldest child gets closer to becoming eleven.

She did, however, emphasize her ability to manage the obligations of parenthood and her confidence in God’s provision.

There’s a caveat, though: the BBNaija diva said she wouldn’t welcome masculine energy just for the purpose of it. View her images below.

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