The fan, whose name is being kept anonymous, explained how he first connected with Davido. At first, he had trouble reaching Davido directly.

Nonetheless, the fan sent messages to everyone Davido tagged in a post, requesting help in delivering the item to them.

One person replied after he had contacted several others, pledging to connect him with Davido.


The fan was left feeling uneasy when the promised communication never happened, despite their initial hope.

The fan’s girlfriend encouraged him to attend Davido’s Atlanta event despite their disappointment, even joking that they would run into each other there.

Despite security concerns, he was eventually included in the show. During the show, he ran into the assistant he had chatted with on Instagram.

Again, the assistant promised to schedule a meeting with Davido and provided an explanation for the delay in responding to his messages.

Davido maintained his word by wearing the custom-created “Unavailable” T-shirt when the fan finally got to see him.


A Davido enthusiast recounts how he convinced Davido to wear the Unavailable t-shirt he customized for him during his recently ended performance in Atlanta, Georgia ❤️