Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, has pleaded with Nigerians to support him in his fight for his son’s justice.

In a widely shared interview on the internet, the father of the singer pleaded with his followers to never give up on seeing that the person responsible for his son’s death was held accountable.

Joseph Aloba emphasized that the much-discussed DNA test is essential and that he cannot accept his grandson Liam if he is the child of another man.


Given that he intends to administer the test twice to confirm its validity, he has appealed to Nigerians for financial support.

During the coroner’s investigation, Mohbad’s father testified that he used to mediate disputes for the late singer and his wife Wunmi, who would sometimes leave the house for days on end in a fit of wrath.

Additionally, he mentioned that Wunmi had already complained to him about Mohbad buying a plane ticket for a woman.

Recall that the late singer’s father recently revealed that his spouse had an affair and had inserted sleeping drugs into his meals?

Divergent opinions were expressed in response to the video, with most people criticizing the singer’s father. Take a look at the remarks below:

fumhammy: “You for talk say Na DNA gan gan you want and the properties instead of justices for mohbad and the killer.”

oluwayemiisi: “Whoever is advising this man hates him with passion. How can someone’s father be like this after loosing the stardom of his family?”

harbis_enterprise_wholesales: “Baba want dna and he can’t provide fund. So all this while wey this man Dey demand for DNA he no even get shishi to do am and dem con Dey portray Wunmi like say she refuse to The DNA.”

i_amneky: “She’s supposed to clap for her husband na for buying planethe driver, ticket for another woman. Abi ewo lo ro oshi?”

aborisadelizzy: “After doing the DNA and the baby is mohbad’s own……does this man still deserve any kind of acceptance/respect from mohbad’s wife!!!”

menarelazy: “So she saw her husband buying ticket for another woman and she should not be upset?? Na wah for you papa Mohbad o. Because of money donated for your grandson? I pray this woman carries her baby and leaves this country.”

purple_raiin: “But you rushed and buried your son now you want the k!llèrs apprehended mtcheww.”