The Afrobeat sensation Wizkid recently shared a playful video in which he displayed his humorous and lighthearted side.

In a recent video, he made light of the fact that a large dinner had left him immobile and stationary.

It was Eba and Egusi who were causing his paralysis.


Wizkid claimed that he had overindulged and was fatigued from the food, speaking in a tired tone.

“I no fit move, this Eba and Egusi don injure me for this place”

This lighthearted gesture pleased fans, who are more used to witnessing Wizkid’s somber and professional side. They posted on social media to share their laughter and support. Some even gave Eba and Egusi a lighthearted warning to “leave him alone” so he could get his mobility back.

Wizkid has been more humorous and lighthearted lately, which is a reaction to the difficult time in his life that followed the death of his mother. Following the setback, he and his kids went back to Nigeria with his partner, Jada. They then celebrated his mother’s funeral, despite some controversy surrounding the event.

Wizkid has also been active on social media during this time, exchanging humorous anecdotes and engaging with followers. He recently shared, for example, a hilarious message from a fan threatening to withhold specific punishments unless he releases new songs. Wizkid made his admirers even more fond of him with his lighthearted answer.

Another time, Wizkid teased his fans by saying he might not put out new music for four years, highlighting his wish to enjoy his success and money and to cherish the moment.