According to seasoned Nigerian rapper MI Abaga, one of the top three Nigerian rappers of all time is his colleague Ice Prince.

In a recent episode of the Taymesan-hosted Tea With Tay podcast, the singer of “Bad Belle” declared as much. He asserted that Ice Prince’s contributions to the hip-hop culture of Nigeria are not adequately acknowledged.

The hip-hop artist asserted that despite being the global phenomenon of the genre, the “Oleku” hitmaker was frequently excluded from significant conversations.


He says that because Ice Prince doesn’t blow his trumpet, people don’t like him despite his impact. According to MI;

“When people talk about who I regard as some greatest rappers of all-time, I feel like Ice Prince always gets neglected in the conversation for his real impacts.

We have to remember what Ice Prince did for us. Ice Prince was the guy that had global hip-hop dominance. From ‘Oleku’ period to South Africa. It was just hit after hit. When we started doing collaborations with international artists, Ice Prince was one of the first [to collaborate with them]. We was doing song with French Montana, going to the U.S. He won BET award.

I think it’s because he is just a chilled guy. He doesn’t blow his trumpet. He stays in his lane. So, people don’t rate him. I think he should be in the top 3 greatest Nigerian rappers of all-time conversations.

He is really that impactful. He made such a difference to the genre [Nigerian hip-hop], and to Afrobeats and that movement forward. Ice Prince was there the whole time with Wizkid, Davido, all those guys.”