Bobrisky has made headlines once more. This time, it’s a strong reaction to the criticism he faced for failing to stand up for Jay Boogie, a fellow transgender person who recently experienced serious health problems as a result of a botched BBL procedure.

The whole thing started when Jay Boogie had a botched BBL surgery.

After this horrible incident, Jay Boogie’s kidneys suffered damage, and according to several news and Instagram sources, he now urgently needs a kidney transplant.


Social media users have been reacting to the incident in droves, with many comparing Jayboogie’s experience to Bobrisky’s well-known history of cosmetic procedures.

Never one to back down from a confrontation, Bobrisky resorted to social media to respond to his detractors. He said that although he had seen remarks implying he may soon suffer the same fate as Jayboogie, he strongly disagreed with such forecasts. Bobrisky responded by underlining the excellent quality of care he receives and that he doesn’t use “Olodo doctors” for his surgery. He declared with pride that he only sees the top surgeons, attributing this decision to his other name, “Luxury.”

Bobrisky elaborated on his position by highlighting his luxurious lifestyle. Declaring with confidence that he had had three surgeries, he demonstrated his ability to pay for such treatments. Bobrisky made it apparent that he does not require the financial support of Nigerians for his medical bills, in stark contrast to Jayboogie, who is presently looking for funding for his kidney transplant.

Bobrisky also used the occasion to flaunt his wealth, claiming to be the owner of several properties in Lekki, one of Lagos’ most affluent neighborhoods.

View his post below.