When they reopened, a few gas stations in Enugu City saw historically long lineups, while other businesses closed in observance of the ongoing countrywide strike.

Still, the market was clearly experiencing a frenzy of shoppers, with most customers observed stuffing their bags with as many food and home goods as they could afford.

Most state and federal government offices opened for business, along with most of the city’s banks.


Emeka Nwabueze, a civilian, told reporters that he anticipated the strike could take longer than usual, so he stopped at one of the gas stations to fill up his car.

Mr Nwabueze said, “I am taking precautions as situations are hardly predictable today in the country. It is good I get this fuel to keep me running around, as I cannot afford to be held back due to a lack of fuel in my car as I have someone I frequently take to the hospital for medical check-ups.”

Another resident, Innocent Monday, said, “It is better to join in getting the fuel now in this queue before they tell you that it is N800 or N1,000 per litre in the black market due to the ongoing nationwide strike.”

Workers in Enugu State affiliated with the NLC and Trade Union Congress have been instructed to join the current strike.

This is stated in a statement that was jointly signed on Tuesday in Enugu by Benneth Asogwa, the state chairman of the TUC, and Fabian Nwigbo, the state chairman of the NLC.

“This is sequel to the resolutions of the Joint National Executive Council meeting of the NLC and TUC to embark on a nationwide strike starting from November 14, 2023. All workers under the affiliate unions of the NLC and TUC in Enugu State are hereby directed to proceed on an indefinite strike from midnight on November 14, 2023. The strike shall continue until we receive a contrary directive from our national leaders,” the statement indicated.