Recently, the late Nigerian musician Mohbad’s father has opened up about the reasons for his son’s hasty burial.

Nigerians are still baffled by Mohbad’s sudden demise and hasty burial in unfavorable circumstances.

In a recent development, Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, has clarified the reason for his late son’s hasty interment.


Recall how Nigerians frequently criticized Mohbad’s burial location for being unfit for a celebrity because it was close to a cassava field.

In a video posted to Instagram by @temilolasobola, Mohbad’s father gave an explanation for why his son was interred so quickly.

According to the singer’s father, a body could not be held for very long in Yoruba land because it was young when it died. He also added that if Mohbad had lived to be older, he could have considered keeping the body in the morgue for a longer period of time.

According to him, a body shouldn’t be maintained in Yoruba country if both of his parents are still alive. If he had passed away at a later age, we could have thought of storing his body in the mortuary and retrieving it later. We removed him from there that evening and buried him where we had already done so.

The only property he was aware of that belonged to the singer, according to Mohbad’s father, was the one where his son was interred. He added that despite the fact that his son had given him the land on which to erect his church, he still chose to bury him there since he was unaware that his son had any other land.

He stated:

“That piece of land where Mohbad was interred is the only piece of land I know he ever possessed. Since we had both decided to build the church there, and since that was the only place I knew he had, he genuinely handed me the ground on which to erect my church.