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“Mohbad’s spirit won’t let me rest until Sam Larry and the whole Marlian music are arrested”- Bella Shmurd bitterly laments

While the circumstances behind Mohbad’s death are now unknown, another voice has emerged pleading for justice and closure. It’s none other than Bella Shmurda, a personal friend and work colleague of Mohbad.

Famous for his famous songs and candor, Bella Shmurda has opened up about the tragic circumstances that led to Mohbad’s murder.

He declared passionately, “Mohbad’s spirit won’t let me rest until Sam Larry and the entire Marlian Music are jailed.


The controversy over what actually transpired in the days leading up to Mohbad’s death has been reignited in the business as a result of these claims.

Here is his complete statement:

“For the past several days, I’ve been considering what to do to help the Nigerian police authorities at least find one or two individuals responsible for Mohbad’s mistreatment and malicious acts.

Since he passed away, his spirit has continued to speak to me and point to people who need to be dealt with in my dreams. I had just arrived in Canada when he passed away, and I had told him about my plans before leaving as per usual. I was here to see my family and to start my tour, but I can’t anymore because I’m not mentally prepared, and I’ll be returning in a few days. Nevertheless, Mohbad submitted numerous petitions against him.

But the Nigerian police are so driven with nepotism nd non challant atitude toward this matter until this boy is no more

In recent days, I’ve made an effort to avoid using my phone and typing anything, but Mohbad spirit won’t let me sleep knowing that I’m the only one who can calm him by making those who force him to live in fear and almost without anything to eat never also get rest, and he won’t start—yes, I mean wahaLa just wan start like this I NO GO GREE nd I mean it Samlarry nd whole marlians music must be arrested make

If they all fled the country, proving they were genuinely guilty of the crime they were accused of committing, then they should all be banned from entering the country for the rest of their lives and never be allowed to return.


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