Afrobeat musician Davido said that one of Nigeria’s past presidents had amused himself with one of his songs.

Previous sources state that the singer spoke candidly about his struggles with his father over his music career and how he abused his power to impede his progress.

According to him, show promoters were reluctant to book him since his father started severing ties in an attempt to have him canceled from appearances.


However, because the president enjoyed his music, his father has grown to be his greatest fan. Davido went on to say that the president liked his song so much that he set it as his ringtone when it peaked at number one on the charts.

“So at that time, I had a song that was like, it was like top 20 on the charts in Africa.

But then the next song I made went number one. Like the president of my country was rocking with it. The song was his ringtone”.