A newly-created mother laments her baby’s betrayal since he chose to look exactly like his father despite the difficulties she had to go through to give birth to him so he would look like her.

The mom described her struggles and everything she did for her kid before he was born, hoping that the boy would look like her.

She showed a video of the clothes she bought before the baby was born, as well as how she had to inhale oxygen and went unconscious while giving birth to him.


However, the child opted to look like his father, so she resorted to social media to express her outrage at his treachery.

Reactions to the video have been mixed…

mhiztalent4 consoled: “Chaiii no worry born another one ”

Somma Cakes said: “Tobechukwu no really try born ifechukwu first”

AMMII❤️ remarked: “No worry if you born Zara she go resemble you ”

Watch the video below…