A Nigerian woman has turned to social media to express her worries and to disclose the new tactics girls are using to abduct men from their women when they see them driving fancy cars.

The concerned woman revealed that some sex workers are out there looking desperately for men that they plan to extort in any way.

She revealed that when women see males driving or fancy automobiles pulling up, they try to sagaciously position their bodies to deflect the male driver’s gaze.


She said these girls will deliberately push out their chests and jiggle their waists to make the automobile stop.

The woman, who was photographing herself in her own vehicle, said that she noticed many of them behaving this manner when they saw her automobile coming; however, they ceased doing so once they recognized her gender.

She counseled praying women who were in relationships because these women will stop at nothing to get their men.

See some of the responses that followed her photo…

@IamBlaccode said: “Love might make the engine roar, but it takes more than wheels to win hearts. Ladies especially Lagos ladies, chase your dreams, not just dreams on four wheels!”

@brodamike07 remarked: “She is right but women on twitter will say they are not doing it for men.”

@official_adags stated: “Thank you for telling your gender what we are going through in Lagos”

@Cindy_vibez penned: “Men are really trying sha, I have to give it up for them.

The way some girls dress half naked on the road is enough to trigger a cheating husband.”

Watch her speak below …