Many who had fallen victim to tooth complications had been musing solutions and cures which may have to worsen the case, this is because they may have met the wrong therapist Due to some lack of necessary knowledge on the possible source of the mouth odor and tooth pain. If one knows the source, he or she will never fall victim or even further having the complications that follow.

Mostly, mouth odors and tooth pain are caused by micro Organisms present at the affected area which had caused damages causing tooth pain also. While you speak in public it may be an awful reaction from the people around you which had haunted your feelings or the pain you feel about your damaged teeth which had distorted you from eating some of your favorite meals. This is the time to know some knowledge behind mouth odor and tooth pain. This would help you to get rid of them.

Hot foods

There is no physical damage to our teeth each time we take extremely hot foods several, but deep secret knowledge unknown to many is hot foods are capable of destroying the gums creating a huge space for micro Organisms to penetrate and destroy the teeth.


When the gum is destroyed, there will be some tiny space via the bond between it and the enamels where micro Organisms will penetrate through the air or the food we ate. They would develop and damage. Their activities on one’s gums result in tooth pain and mouth odor, It’s so hygienic to avoid consuming extremely hot foods always so to have a rigid gum.

Chilled water

many loves consuming frozen waters, this had been one of the sources of mouth odor and tooth pain.

Excessive consumption of chilled water can also damage the tooth gum, making it weak for its efficiency on the enamels, this can also invite micro Organisms for there are already spaces to penetrate. The gums may not be able to hold the enamels. Avoid the consumption of excessive chilled water.

Lack of regular brushing

food substances can also decay in one’s teeth creating spaces for microorganisms, this is why constant brushing of the teeth is great.

It is prescribed that the healthiest way of brushing is taking it two times daily but many don’t even brush, from that microorganisms can develop easily and damage. Brush the teeth two times daily.

Removing the enamels

due to the pain and the odor the victims experience every day, they may think the best solution is to remove the enamels which they assume is the source of the pain. It’s never a solution, rather it will infuse the complications and help the bacterias or microorganisms survivals. Stop removing your enamels.

Removing them will only make it easier for the microorganisms to penetrate and damage.

Bitter foods as a cure to toothache

microorganisms are ever comfortable with a sugary environment but hate a bitter environment. Ponder it, people who eat more bitter things and less sugary things are always healthier than people who consume only sugary things. A victim of a toothache can eliminate the complications by distorting from sugary things and eat more bitter things.