Weak songs lack qualities. We all know 99% of the citizens around the globe find no pleasure in non-quality stuff the same applies to a music career. If a music artist has more weak songs his or her fame won’t transcend.

This had been a major problem for some music artists for they know nothing about the source of their weak songs if a music artist could afford to know the source he or she will surely anticipate and develop. There are copious things to know and practice every day so to avoid having a weak song, it’s a cool opportunity to boost your music fame. We shall discuss the great things to do, researched, and confirmed below.


As a music artist you would have that great nostalgia of dreaming to become famous, that wherever you go people will request for your signature, it’s quite good but this had been the main reason artistes rush their music projects which at last create awful whopping results making the project a weak song.
If one is good he or she clearly knows that, if one is at his best, explicitly he Knows just that. If you are sure you haven’t gotten the great qualities, sit back, and practice every day. Music is a field of a gradual process that will give you a satisfying result at last if not rushed. Practices give a perfect result. Sit back and practice daily.


Good lyrics

it’s not the most task for a music artist to write his songs, every Music artiste is not destined for such that’s why it’s very safe to find someone capable of such so as not to have a weak song.

89% of the listeners around the globe listen to what a song talks about, in a situation whereby the lyrics are weak, the song becomes weak which can affect the artiste’s fame.
Songs with no good lyrics can’t win a Grammy award, looking up to the previous records none has ever won with weak lyrics. Create a lot of time and write strong lyrics displaying the feelings in you. If you can’t write, find someone who can provide the lyric very strong.

Good Beats

People’s choices are different, some love good lyrics and beats while some only feel pleasure in good lyrics, once the lyrics are good, they find pleasure in it. The same thing applies to beats, 80% percent of listeners love good beats and neglects the lyrics. If you want a great song, get both good lyrics and beat.
When the lyrics are good but the beat is awful it’s a complication because many percentages of people prefer a good beat. Find a good studio and record your songs.

Good Vibes

Top music listeners also listen to vibes because that’s one of the basic content of a good song. Vibes sharpens the rhythm of the beat adding much pleasure for the listeners if there are weak vibes the song becomes weak also. Get a cool vibe and vibe to your songs it’s a key point for good music.