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The trending new virus outbreak coronavirus (covid_19) had been a shock to the whole world, having claimed a lot of souls and had restrained peoples activities so far, have been an aspiration for the doctors and other medical staffs to distort out from the world but it’s unfortunate the vaccines are not yet discovered as it keeps claiming a lot of souls.

The dangerous virus keeps claiming souls daily. Children die, adults die too. There was no choice but to find any possible way to stop the spread of the pandemic which the medical teams provided. Below are the ways to stop the spread of coronavirus as prescribed by the medical teams.

Wash your hands severally

coronavirus can only penetrate into our body through our openings especially mouth, nose, ear, and eyes. Viruses are not seen with our naked eyes that’s why it’s very dangerous for our body systems to withstand or resist. You may contact them through a handshake or any other way with your hands but due to constant touching of your face, it would stick there and enter into your body cells through any form of your openings and destroy. Constant washing of the hands with a medicated soap will wash them away before contacting your openings. Wash your hands severally.


Avoid public gathering

viruses are very tiny to the extent that they can be carried by air this is why it’s extremely dangerous to stay in a gathering. A gathering whereby there are more than a hundred personals is not safe. If there is a victim, close breath, or close talks, it would spread through the airs from the mouth or nose of the victim to others. When the victim coughs or sneezes the saliva from his mouth would contain the virus which may enter through one’s openings. Avoid public gatherings

Don’t touch the face with your hands

The only major openings in which the virus can penetrate easily are located just on the face. One should avoid touching the face because from the hands it would intrude to your body via your openings. The hands are the major contactor of the virus because that’s what we use to touch the victims either by a handshake or a hug. Get a tissue paper and use them singly, don’t use each piece two times for it is not safe. Avoid touching the face.

Report to nearer isolation center if you notice symptoms

symptoms like cough, a complication of breath, sneeze, and weakness are the major symptoms of covid_19 if you notice any symptoms don’t hide them because it would only get worst and even spread to your loved ones. If there are symptoms stay at home and call for a test. Many had been having the symptoms but due to ignorance it got worst, one can recover from covid_19 if early precautions are taken despite not having the vaccines. Report a nearby victim if you find one.

Avoid handshake

It’s the greatest way to avoid covid_19 for the virus can only penetrate to our openings mostly through the hands. When the victim shakes one, the virus will stick to the hand. A slight contact to the face they would invade the openings and destroy. Stop handshakes, avoid friends.

Always apply hand sanitizer

The virus can’t survive outside the body for a long period of time they only become dangerous when they enter the body cells. Sanitizers contain substances that could destroy viruses present on the hands, making it a safe way to prevent covid_19. Note: don’t drink them for they can only function on our hands. It’s very dangerous to consume.

As we fight the dangerous virus together we should remember to abide by the precautions for a healthy life and also to save the world from the virus.


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